Recycling & Disposal

If reusing, repairing or reselling isn’t feasible, recycling is the next best option. The ecooffice team will break down the furniture into its component parts (wood, plastic, metal etc) and recycle to prevent landfill and reduce the demand on natural resources.

For what can not be reused, repaired or resold landfill is the absolute final option. our target is that less than 1% of clearances will go to landfill. We are also fully licensed by the Environment Agency for waste disposal giving companies the peace of mind that any waste will be disposed of responsibly.

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Why choose Ecooffice?

Waste Separation

Our onsite recycling team break as much of the furniture as possible into it's component parts for recycling. Any mixed waste will be taken to specialist units for further manipulation and segregation, prior to landfill.

Trusted Partners

All our specialist recycling partners are carefully selected and the best in their field. Fully licensed their share our commitment to reducing landfill and protecting the environment.

Recycling Promise

Our target is to take less than 1% of our clearances to landfill - reducing pollution and supporting the planet for future generations.

Licenced for waste

Licensed by the EA to carry waste, you can be confident that your waste is legally moved from your premesis.

 For more information on recycling & disposing of office furniture call 0117 972 5780 or email