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It is estimated that the UK around 434 million tonnes of office furniture ends up in landfill each year. Approximately 90% of this could be recycled, reused or restored reducing landfill and the creation of methane which has been proven to cause global warming.

By law, a business must keep waste to a minimum by by doing everything it reasonably can to prevent, reuse, recycle or recover waste (in that order). Business' also have responsibilities for disposing of any waste safely and securely using registered carriers. Many commercial removal companies do not offer clearances.

Ecooffice was founded to work alongside commercial remover or direct with companies to help companies meet their environmental and legal responsibilities.



Meet the Team

Dave Hart


Dave leads the Ecooffice team using his extensive experience to drive our goal of generating just 1% of landfill from any office clearance we undertake.

Dave is a veteran of office moves, founding Commercial Transfer in 1978. Well know in the industry, over the years he has been at the forefront of social benefit and actively promoting ways to minimise the landfill generated through office moves.

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Marcia heads our furniture sales and charitable donations. With a passion for up-cycling of all kinds, there is nothing she likes more than to see office furniture go to a new home not the tip!

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Honed from a lifetime in removals learned from his father, Lee is often seen collecting the furniture and managing the warehouse. Never without a smile, he also has the title of recycling and restoration genius.

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Vikki and Sandra

Managing the office and finance with style, Vikki and Sandra form the foundations of ecooffice from which we grow.

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